Enhancing the Autobooks Onboarding Experience

09/1/20 / by Autobooks

The first time experience for a small business is very important to our team at Autobooks.  We want business owners to be able to transition from being interested in our app's capabilities to experiencing their first "Aha!" moment as soon as possible.  

The "Aha!" moment for Autobooks is when a small business owner requests money from, and is then paid by their customer through our system.  Our goal at Autobooks is to get a small business enrolled and paid back into their account within the first 30 days.  

In this video Andreas Betancourt and Derik Sutton break down the most recent enhancements to the Autobooks onboarding experience.  It covers the small business insights that led us to make these changes, a review of the user experience and offers a summary of the early results.  



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