Accounting made easy — for all busy non-accountants.  

It takes time to get organized. Autobooks can help your small business customers with automated accounting and bookkeeping functionality.

Autobooks in partnership with your financial institution, gives your customers the power to simplify their accounting. 

Autobooks allows businesses to automate bookkeeping entries and access financial reports, directly inside your financial institution’s online and mobile banking.

Accounting tools should be easy to use. 

No need to spend hours mastering overly complex software. Autobooks features essential, real-world functionality for non-accountants. 

Software shouldn’t cost so much. 

No matter the type of business, Autobooks always costs the same: $10/month. And there’s no commitment or sign-up fees to worry about, either. 

Let your bank account do the reporting. 

When a business gets paid or pays a bill, the system updates business reports automatically. All reports are exportable into a CSV format. 

How it works for your customers

When your customers are ready to manage their business finances in the same place they get paid, accounting and reporting offered through Autobooks and your financial institution is the simplest way to do it all.

Autobooks is built to be part of your bank account.

Sign up for Autobooks 

If you’re not already enrolled, first sign up for Autobooks inside your financial institution’s online or mobile banking. Just click Accept a payment or Send an invoice from the dashboard to get started (or just choose Autobooks from the main navigation).

Add on accounting functionality 

Once you’re enrolled in Autobooks, you can add on the accounting functionality. Inside the Autobooks screen, select Reporting/Accounting, then click Activate Autobooks. 

Manage your finances with Autobooks 

Now you’re ready to take advantage of all of the Autobooks tools available inside online and mobile banking. Don’t forget to link any outside accounts or credit cards from other financial institutions. That way all transactions can be accounted for. 

Managing a small business is hard. Autobooks makes it easier. 

Help business customers add on Autobooks accounting and reporting functionality so they can focus less on finances and more on growth.


Help your customers ditch the spreadsheets — or overly complex software. 

Your business customers can keep track of their business directly inside of online and mobile banking, where they do everything else. They can stop having to rely on pen and paper, spreadsheets, or complicated third-party software built for accountants. 


Autobooks is your customer's home base for all finances. 

Every transaction inside your business customer's checking account is automatically synced with the Autobooks platform. In addition, your customers can link accounts and credit cards from other financial institutions to their Autobooks account. This means that every transaction will be accounted for. 


Customers stay up-to-date automatically with built-in reporting.

When your business customers get paid or pay a bill, the system updates their business reports automatically. Plus, customers gain access to a balance sheet without having to go to a third-party application, or request from their accountant.


Customers stay on top of cash flow, all from one screen. 

Your business customers see a snapshot of incoming, coming due, and past due customer payments. This includes vendor payment information, such as scheduled payments, coming due, and past due vendor payments.

Frequently asked questions

How does the integration between Autobooks and my financial institution work?

We’ve partnered with the industry’s leading digital banking providers to integrate our product suite into their existing platforms. That means that when your customers log into their account, the payment acceptance features powered by Autobooks will be available from the main dashboard or navigation, like bill pay and mobile deposit are today.

How would Autobooks complement our existing merchant services program?

Not all businesses operate in traditional retail environments. Many businesses and non-profits need to accept card payments in app and on the move, such as through an online link shared online or by text message, or through a digital invoice. Autobooks enables your financial institution to offer these capabilities so that you can serve customer segments that are not fit for traditional merchant services and treasury products. 

What’s the benefit when our customers get paid through Autobooks, versus a third-party payment acceptance app?

When businesses utilize Autobooks for receiving payments, it's akin to solidifying the direct deposit relationship of a consumer account. When the business gets paid through a service you offer, funds are deposited directly into your customers' accounts. Ensuring you lock in the full deposit relationship. This is not always the case when a customer uses a third-party app. In fact, most third-party apps compete with you for the customer deposit, transaction processing revenue, and lending opportunity. 

How much do you charge for Autobooks?

There are two types of fees associated with Autobooks: processing fees and monthly subscription fees. When a customer incurs either type of fee, a portion of the revenue is shared back with the financial institution.  

Processing fees are charged on a per transaction basis when a customer accepts a payment through Autobooks invoicing, payment links, or Tap to Pay on iPhone. Refer to our fees page for pricing details. 

Subscription fees are charged on a monthly basis only for customers that opt for the full Autobooks product suite that includes accounting, financial reporting, and payment acceptance functionality. The monthly subscription fee for the full Autobooks product suite is $9.99 a month.