Offer small businesses and nonprofits an easy way to automate bookkeeping entries and access financial reports, directly inside their online and mobile banking.


Accounting tools designed for the practical needs of business owners.

When it comes to accounting there’s often little middle ground: it’s typically one-off spreadsheets on one side, or overly complex software on the other side. Autobooks bridges this divide with a real-world solution that’s ideal for most small businesses.

  • Easy-to-use accounting solution built specifically for the needs of SMB owners 
  • Provides essential, real world functionality for non-accountants 
  • Affordable solution available as part of online and mobile banking 
Elias German

Mill Creek Community Church

Autobooks makes it simpler for church members to give, and it’s easier for our record-keeping, too. To have one software, one system, all in one place, streamlines the payment process for all involved.

Accounting rules for report automation.

Business owners, or invited third-parties, can establish rules that automatically code transactions from select accounts — automating transaction categorization and financial reporting.

  • Custom categories can be created for better financial reporting, such as coding a transaction to a specific expense category based upon the vendor
  • Transactions are automatically categorized at the end of the day 
  • Financial records are kept up-to-date without back and forth with a bookkeeper

Account linking and transaction categorization.

Business owners, or invited third parties, can assign transactions into customizable revenue and expense categories. External accounts and or third-party credit cards can be linked to centralize transaction categorization and reporting. 

  • Get a complete picture of the business’ finances
  • Automate tedious bookkeeping tasks
  • Eliminate the need for bookkeepers to have to use third-party solutions for basic accounting needs