FIS + Autobooks

FIS offers SMB Embedded Finance Powered by Autobooks.

Integrated payment acceptance and accounting features are now available as part of
of FIS® Digital One™ Business and Flex platforms.

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Before you get started, we have two
options for upgrading small business banking

Digital banking tools for small businesses — program reporting and services for financial institutions

Autobooks Embedded

Autobooks Embedded makes it simple for your financial institution to launch and manage an upgraded small business banking experience.


Customer Features

  Payment Acceptance

Financial Institution Back Office

  Customer Reporting
  Payment Acceptance
  Support Ticket Management
  Knowledge Base

& Training

  Access to Launch Sprints
  Pre-build Marketing Campaigns
  Launch Training Videos
  Knowledge Base

Autobooks Enterprise

Grow your small business portfolio through data-driven insights and additional customer service features. Autobooks Enterprise includes all features and services offered in Autobooks Embedded.

Includes all Embedded features above, plus: 

Customer Features

 Cash Flow Management
 Tap to Pay on iPhone*

Financial Institution Back Office

 Customize Reporting 
 Customize Dashboards
 Referral Management System
 SSO Support
 Unlimited Admin Users
 Holding Company Management

& Training

 Assigned Implementation Specialist
 Training Video Library
 Embeddable LMS Modules

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Four steps to a successful program

Offering integrated invoicing and online payment acceptance to your customers is a straightforward affair — thanks to the resources found here. Just follow the four steps below to ensure your Autobooks program is successful.  

Step 1: Prepare to go live

Request access

Interested in Autobooks Enterprise?

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Submit a standard project request to FIS
Instructions to submit and track your project are available in the guide below.

FIS Standard Request - How To Guide

Complete the Operational Form
We need to know who to contact to best serve your team moving forward. This includes assigning your first team member with admin access to the Autobooks Hub, a tool that provides reporting to best serve your customers and successfully manage your program.

Operational Form

Learn about Autobooks features & tools

Autobooks Feature Demos
A catalog of the most commonly used features of the Autobooks product suite.  

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Autobooks Hub
Our data-driven platform is crucial to maintain a successful program. Easily track Autobooks usage, ROI, and third-party competitor activity inside your financial institution.

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Join our next Launch Workshop

Set your institution up for success

Along with the live, one-hour sessions, all attendees will receive ongoing support and resources — including scheduled office hours, step-by-step coaching and resources to get your program started right, promotional marketing materials, and more.

Autobooks Launch Workshop
Complete a launch with as little as two hours of commitment a week

Join the waitlist/register

Notify and Train your internal team

Send your team to attend a live training we facilitate, or if you prefer to train your team internally, we provide all the resources to download and use.

Autobooks Training Resources
Webinars, reference materials, internal go-to-market collateral, and more are all available on our training page. 

Autobooks Training Resources

Step 2: Configure & Test


FIS has embedded and automated the technology to launch, so implementing it will be simple for your financial institution.

Enable the Autobooks service to the bank, company, and company user
Follow the steps in the guide(s) relevant to your financial institution:

Digital One™ Business configuration
Digital One™ Flex configuration

Autobooks Standard Self-Service Guide
Enroll your first test user.

Autobooks Standard Self-Service Guide

Partner Success Center
Visit to get answers to frequently asked questions. 

FIS SMB Embedded Finance FAQ
Partner Success Center

Step 3: Announce Your Launch

Market the new tool to your customers

Once you're live, marketing to your small business customers is key to drive feature awareness, engagement, and activation. We built free, proven marketing materials for your financial institution to use.

Marketing Kit: Autobooks Launch Announcement 
Prepare a marketing campaign to announce the availability of Autobooks to your customers so they know about their new digital banking tool — and how to use it.

Get Started

Go-to-Market Resource: FIS Digital One Business Splash Page
Available to FIS partners on the Digital One Business platform, take advantage of this easy plug and play splash page content to further drive awareness and adoption of Autobooks.

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Plan for on-going campaigns

Financial institutions that see the best results execute ongoing marketing campaigns to drive awareness.

We've made it easy for you to download kits and resources that can be leveraged based on your specific needs. Feel free to follow our yearly marketing calendar or simply create your own campaign.

Autobooks Annual Marketing Calendar
Our annual marketing calendar is organized by quarters, to make it easier to organize a campaign at your financial institution. Please note that some campaigns are tied to seasonal events and Holidays, and may span multiple months.

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Additional Go-to-Market Resources 
Access evergreen marketing assets, videos, templates & campaigns to plug into your existing marketing initiatives.

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Step 4: Manage Your Program

Access the Autobooks Hub & Stay Up-to-Date

Autobooks Hub
Log into the Autobooks Hub regularly to monitor the activity of your program. This allows you to measure success, identify new targets, and fine tune how you're talking to your small business customers that will benefit from online payment and digital invoice functions. 

Autobooks Hub

Autobooks Product Updates 
Visit to learn about the latest product enhancements from the Autobooks team. We also include small business feedback and data insights that influenced each update.

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Hear from other financial institutions that have made small business banking better.