Embedded Solution

Offer customers online invoicing and digital payment acceptance — inside online and mobile banking.

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Help customers to get paid easily, all in one place.

Now you can help your business customers accept payments and track receivables in the same place they manage their banking — so they don’t have to turn to costly, third-party platforms that all too often pull them away from their primary banking relationship.

Choose the right option for your institution.


What is Autobooks Embedded?

Go to market fast.
Autobooks Embedded is our basic integration option for financial institutions that are ready to launch and make an immediate impact.

It includes online invoicing and payment link functionality embedded into your existing digital banking platform — at no cost to your institution. It is made available to your business customers as prominent features that can be accessed directly inside online and mobile banking.


How is it different from Autobooks Enterprise?

Autobooks Enterprise includes the same functionality as our Embedded option, plus accounting and financial reporting tools.

In addition, you get access to Tap to Pay on iPhone* — the best way to compete against third party apps. The wide range of digital tools made available to your business customers transforms your platform into a day-to-day hub for your customers’ financial operations.

Plus, your financial institution gains a wide range of features inside Autobooks Hub, including custom reporting and dashboards, a referral management system, SSO support, unlimited users, and more.

*Only available through select digital banking partnerships. Requires a monthly license fee. Contact sales for a demo and pricing.

Compare the two integration options:

Autobooks Embedded

Go to market fast. Autobooks Embedded makes it easy for your financial institution to launch and manage an upgraded small business banking experience.


Customer Features

  Payment Acceptance

Financial Institution Back Office

  Customer Reporting
  Payment Acceptance
  Support Ticket Management
  Knowledge Base

& Training

  Access to Launch Sprints
  Pre-build Marketing Campaigns
  Launch Training Videos
  Knowledge Base

Autobooks Enterprise

Expand your small business portfolio through data-driven insights and additional customer service features. Autobooks Enterprise includes all features and services offered in Autobooks Embedded, and more.

Includes all Embedded features above, plus: 

Customer Features

 Cash Flow Management
 Tap to Pay on iPhone

Financial Institution Back Office

 Customize Reporting 
 Customize Dashboards
 Referral Management System
 Unlimited Admin Users

& Training

 Assigned Implementation Specialist
 Training Video Library
 Embeddable LMS Modules

With Autobooks Embedded, customers can choose from two convenient tools anytime they need to get paid.

Get Paid with an Invoice

Get Paid with Payment Link

We’ve made it easy to launch Autobooks as an embedded option.

Many of the leading digital banking providers already offer the Autobooks tools as part of their existing platforms — making it a turnkey project that is ideal for institutions that are looking to go live quickly and grow their small business program.

Emily Hadnot

First Financial Bank

In looking through those different [Q2 Marketplace offerings], when we landed on Autobooks, it seemed like an easy and impactful integration for our customers. We already offer things like ACH, wires, and bill pay, but some of those products and services are more invasive or more costly than what our smaller businesses are looking for. So, this just seemed like a very natural fit — almost like a light bulb turned on!

Discover how the full Autobooks solution can help your business customers do more.