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Become a small business champion with the vital resources you need to spread the word about Autobooks to your staff and your customers. 

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Everything you need to train your team on how to drive outcomes with Autobooks! We've included tools for classroom training, as well as tools to keep the learning going.

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Learn about our Invoicing and Payment Features and how they benefit customers with small businesses.

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What is Autobooks?

Glad you asked! Start here, by sharing these short, introductory videos with your staff. (Hint: Download them in mp4 format, to easily share or embed into your own pages.)

Online Invoicing with Autobooks

Meet Lauren, a mom who runs a tutoring business and who needs a simple solution to send invoices to her paying customers.

Digital Payment Acceptance with Autobooks

Meet Sophia, a small business owner who needs a better way to easily accept credit card payments at her daycare.

Launch Autobooks in four steps

Create Staff Awareness
Prepare Customer Support
Train Frontline Staff
Refine Your Pitch


Create Staff Awareness

Getting all your staff on the same page requires great communication. We'll help you make that easier with announcement email copy.


Prepare Customer Support

Customer support is the backbone of product success. Your call center teams should be trained prior to going live with our online payment features. 


Train Frontline Staff

Equip your staff with the information they need to answer questions and promote these exciting features to customers. 


Refine Your Pitch

Help your sales drivers with the information they need to effectively convey the value proposition of the online payment features. 

Drive adoption with
go-to-market resources


Marketing to your small business customers is key to driving feature awareness, engagement, and activation. That's why we created proven marketing collateral for your use: marketing emails, ads, videos, and more.

Learn best practices and how your financial institution can easily use the library of free assets.

Access go-to-market resources

Explore Autobooks Features

Digital Invoices

Give your SMB customers the ability to easily send professional invoices. 

Now your small business customers can send a professional online invoice or estimate right from their online and mobile banking. Invoices are paid online via card or ACH. 

For added flexibility, small businesses can easily set up recurring invoices, payment/past due reminders, and additional sales tax rates. 

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Send yourself an invoice now and see how easy it is to get paid. 
Payment Acceptance

Offer SMBs and nonprofits a way to accept online or in-app payments.

Businesses and nonprofits are provided with a unique link to their own secure payment form — which can then be shared with paying customers. Links can be sent via text or email, or even pasted into a web page. 

The payment form can also be accessed directly in-app — making it fast and convenient to accept a payment on the spot.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Owners get precious time back to focus on running and growing their business. 

Offer your small business customers an alternative to managing their books via pen and paper, spreadsheets, or complicated third-party applications with unreliable data connections to their financial institution.

Our accounting was built for the small business owner, not their accountant. 

Financial Reporting

Make it easier for customers to maintain records.

Small businesses don’t have the time, or often the expertise, to maintain up-to-date financial records. With Autobooks, it’s simple. When a business gets paid, their profit and loss statement is updated. When the business sends a customer invoice, their balance sheet reflects the latest update.  

Automating financial reporting for small businesses creates more value for them and their financial institution partner. 

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