Offer small businesses and nonprofits an easy way to collect online or in-app payments.  


A secure link for accepting payments online.

When a business or non-profit enrolls, they're assigned their own unique URL to an Autobooks Payment Form. This link can be shared by text (SMS) and email, or added to any web page.

  • Ideal for businesses and nonprofits 
  • Makes it easy to collect payments, in-person or online 
  • Text or email the secure link to a customer 
  • Embed the payment link into any e-commerce web page

Accept payments directly in online and mobile banking.

Users who need to take a payment over the phone or on-the-go can click Accept a Payment inside online or mobile banking. Payment details are then securely captured for payment processing. 

  • Available inside digital banking for easy access 
  • Everything in one place, including funds received 
  • Small businesses remain engaged with their FI 
Nathan Baar


The online payment form and flexibility of use was such a nice feature as we grew and scaled our service offerings to both businesses as well as individuals. We found that we could embed the link anywhere. In QR codes, on our website, etc... It also allowed us to use the form as a point-of-sale option at our drive thru urgent care facilities. There wasn't much out there and the ease of use of Autobooks was exactly what we were looking for.

With the free app, users can get paid on virtually any device, anywhere they go.

Business owners can download the free Autobooks app, via the App Store or Google Play, and access their unique payment form anytime they need to collect a payment. 

  • Convenient way to collect a payment on-the-go 
  • Enter card information yourself, or send to their phone 
  • Open the app in one tap and take a card payment in seconds 
  • Great alternative when Autobooks is not integrated within mobile banking
  • Free app available for iOS and Android devices

Payment forms can be customized to fit any business or nonprofit. 

No matter the kind of small business or nonprofit they run, the Autobooks payment form is versatile enough to meet their unique needs.  

  • Form allows customers to set up recurring payments 
  • Funds deposited in checking within two business days 
  • Verbiage can be updated to take donations or contributions — preferred by nonprofits