Payment Link & QR Code

Digital payment acceptance that’s seamlessly integrated into online & mobile banking.

Autobooks can help your business customers accept digital payments and donations — online, in-app, or over the phone.

Autobooks in partnership with your financial institution, working together to help small businesses get paid. 

Managing a small business can be overwhelming. When a business accepts digital payments through your financial institution, funds go into one place where they’re always easy to track: their checking account. 

Payment flexibility matters.

Businesses can take a payment in-person or over the phone, or share a link via text or QR code. It’s up to the business and how they choose to get paid on any given day.

Payments don’t belong in a separate app. 

Businesses receive payments directly into their checking — in the same place they take care of their banking. There's never a need to wait or to transfer funds from an external account.

Processing fees should be easy to understand. 

Knowing up front what a business will pay to accept payments is important. No matter what card end customers uses, the processing fees are always the same. 

Getting started with your Payment Link


How it works for your customers

When your business customers are moving fast and just need to get paid (but don't need to send an invoice), the Autobooks Payment Link is a quick, professional, no-frills way to take payment.

One link — many possibilities. Online, in-app, or over the phone.

Businesses can take a customer payment on the spot by simply entering the payment details into their Payment Link checkout page, accessed inside online or mobile banking. 
Businesses can also text or email their secure Payment Link — customers can open the link and complete the transaction themselves.
Businesses can even access and share a unique QR code that works just like their Payment Link. They can display it anywhere they'd like to accept payments (stickers, pamphlets, business cards — anywhere!). 
Funds go directly into their checking account and are usually deposited within two business days. They’re never tied up or held by another platform.

Set your business customers up for success by making it easy for them to get paid. 

Autobooks offers a simple and trackable way to get paid — no matter if they're starting out or already have a system in place. 


Accept payments directly inside online and mobile banking. 

Your business customers can easily take a card or ACH payment over the phone or on the spot. They just click Accept a Payment inside online or mobile banking to access their Autobooks Payment Link. 


Share a secure link to accept payments online. 

When your business customers enroll in Autobooks, they're assigned a unique URL to their Autobooks Payment Link. This payment link can be shared by text (SMS) and email, or added to any web page. 

qr-payment-form orange_graphic

Display a QR code or include it on printed materials. 

It’s hard to beat the convenience of a QR Code, especially at in-person events with multiple customers. Your business customers download a unique QR code and reuse it anywhere they need to get paid. 

Frequently asked questions

How does the integration between Autobooks and my financial institution work?

We’ve partnered with the industry’s leading digital banking providers to integrate our product suite into their existing platforms. That means that when your customers log into their account, the payment acceptance features powered by Autobooks will be available from the main dashboard or navigation, like bill pay and mobile deposit are today. 

How would Autobooks complement our existing merchant services program?

Not all businesses operate in traditional retail environments. Many businesses and non-profits need to accept card payments in app and on the move, such as through an online link shared online or by text message, or through a digital invoice. Autobooks enables your financial institution to offer these capabilities so that you can serve customer segments that are not fit for traditional merchant services and treasury products. 

What’s the benefit when our customers get paid through Autobooks, versus a third-party payment acceptance app?

When businesses utilize Autobooks for receiving payments, it's akin to solidifying the direct deposit relationship of a consumer account. When the business gets paid through a service you offer, funds are deposited directly into your customers' accounts. Ensuring you lock in the full deposit relationship. This is not always the case when a customer uses a third-party app. In fact, most third-party apps compete with you for the customer deposit, transaction processing revenue, and lending opportunity. 

How much do you charge for Autobooks?

There are two types of fees associated with Autobooks: processing fees and monthly subscription fees. When a customer incurs either type of fee, a portion of the revenue is shared back with the financial institution.  

Processing fees are charged on a per transaction basis when a customer accepts a payment through Autobooks invoicing, payment links, or Tap to Pay on iPhone. Refer to our fees page for pricing details. 

Subscription fees are charged on a monthly basis only for customers that opt for the full Autobooks product suite that includes accounting, financial reporting, and payment acceptance functionality. The monthly subscription fee for the full Autobooks product suite is $9.99 a month.