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get paid.  

Stay ahead of the competition.

To get started, you first need to ask yourself this question:

Why would a small business owner or nonprofit choose your financial institution over a third-party app? 

Our team has asked the same question, and more, to businesses and nonprofits across the country. Here's what we heard over and over: the four pressing needs you must address to stand out from competitors.
Reason One

“Add a simple and trackable way to get paid within my existing, complex system.”

Many small business owners work in industries that require use of industry specific, and often complex, systems to manage customers. They are looking for a simple way to accept and track payments related to this complex system. However, they do not expect to integrate payments into this system — and often prefer that they don't — due to complexity and delays.

Make the process of getting paid easy for the business owner by offering a simple way to invoice customers and accept online or in-app payments within digital banking. 

Reason Two

“Help me get back to accepting credit cards for payment, but from a provider I trust.”

Offering credit card as a payment option is not a new concept. Legacy POS systems have been around for years while online options offered through non-banks lowered the cost of entry. As customer demand grew for paying via card, many owners felt the pressure and adopted a solution. Unfortunately, for many of them this experience did not end well. 

Providing a way to accept payments embedded within digital banking helps business owners accept payments with someone they trust more — your financial institution.  

Reason Three

“Help me get started with an easy way to send invoices and get paid by customers.”

New small businesses are started, and new small business accounts are opened, every day. This is the best time to try something new. When starting a new business, one of the first decisions that an owner must make is how they will collect payments from their customers. This is a golden opportunity to offer guidance, so they can "start off on the right foot." 

Enabling a new business owner to easily get paid as part of their new business checking account saves them time and removes complexity — ensuring your financial institution stands out from the competition. 

Reason Four

“I'm overwhelmed; make invoicing and payments simpler so that I can keep things organized.”

Managing a small business is hard. The hours are long and business owners are forced to wear many hats. They're so busy in the day-to-day that they don't have the time, or expertise, to evaluate their operations and make strategic decisions. For these businesses, receiving a recommendation from a trusted source — like your institution — can provide the relief they need. 

Better serve small business owners that know they need to transition to accepting online and in-app card payments, but don’t have the time or expertise to make the best decision.   


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By helping small businesses get paid you're helping your financial institution stay ahead of the competition. 

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Increase Small Business Primacy, Engagement, And Loyalty

Good news! We’ve made getting paid through digital banking easy for both small businesses and financial institutions.

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Help small businesses with their cash flow and boost your non-interest fee income. We've partnered with the industry's leading technology providers to make it simple to get started.


When a business owner gets paid through Autobooks, their funds settle directly into their existing account at the financial institution. No need to manage a third-party app with a separate balance.


Out compete third-party apps by offering online enrollment, real-time approval and processing limits that match the historical banking needs of the business.  Leverage your banking data to stand out from non-banks.  

Autobooks offers all the functionality modern businesses need —

with none of the bloat or complexity found in third-party platforms. 
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