Why TD Bank Decided To Upgrade Small Business Banking

03/25/21 / by Autobooks

Interested in the evolving banking needs of small businesses across the U.S?

This webinar will give you insights to better understand the digital shift happening in the market and how TD Bank rose to the challenge to transform their small business banking experience. 

In this webinar, Derik Sutton of Autobooks and Andrew Boutros, VP for TD Bank’s Emerging Payments and Corporate Products & Services, discussed how TD Bank recognized a shift in the market and transformed their small business banking experience to provide more mobile and online banking options to small businesses.

In this session, we went over three major takeaways:

  • The early insights that led TD Bank down a path of upgrading small business banking
  • TD Bank’s process and criteria for evaluating and implementing fintech solutions
  • Initial insights gained from TD Small Businesses


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