September Monthly Webinar - How to Rethink In-Branch Sales Promotions

10/1/21 / by Autobooks

How to position your SMB checking like a challenger, and win more small businesses in the process.

How to Rethink In-Branch Sales Promotions - by Leveraging Key Partnerships

What you can take away from this webinar:

  • How CBNA leveraged their Autobooks partnership, including their Account Manager, to develop and refine their high-performing program
  • What the Autobooks go-to-market best practices are — and how your FI can adapt them to find similar success
  • How the key components to CBNA’s sales program — including ongoing education, sales incentives, and staff recognition — played a crucial role in driving exceptional results
  • Why it was vital for frontline staff to identify the needs and pain points of walk-in customers — and how they did it without being salesy

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