October Monthly Webinar - Separating Fact from Fiction

11/3/21 / by Autobooks

Separating Fact from Fiction: A Data-Driven Perspective on Small Business Banking

What is the real story behind the banking data?

According to some industry analysts, there is a war being waged by non-banks for the hearts, souls, and wallets of small business customers. Is it just hyperbole, or is it actually happening? And if so, what do you need to know — and do — to remain competitive as a legacy financial institution?

To get clarity on these questions, and figure out our next step, we’ll turn to the FI data we’ve accumulated over the years of serving as a fintech partner.

Our agenda for this session, and what you can take away:

  • Dive into real data from real banks to make sense of the competitive landscape
  • Define how your FI can leverage this knowledge to better position your products and services.
  • Review our new Guide to ROI, and how you can use it to make the case for Autobooks at your FI
  • What story does your data tell? What you need to do to bring clarity to your strategic direction as an FI

Listen to Derik Sutton, industry veteran and VP of Marketing at Autobooks, as he delves into the data that will help you make sense of the fast-changing small business market.

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