June Monthly Webinar 2021 - Small Business Checking, Repositioned

08/26/21 / by Autobooks

What would the ideal small business checking account look like for a small business? 

It’s likely that the ideal account may look more like a complete digital solution — such as one offered by a challenger fintech — and less like a traditional checking account. Clearly, this would not be just any small business checking. In actuality, this would be a bank account designed for a very specific need: to help small businesses receive digital payments and easily track their critical cash flow in the process. 

Indeed, for a small business owner, this reimagined product represents exactly what they have been searching for all along: a complete small business solution that happens to include a deposit account for faster access to funds and added convenience. 

Time to ask yourself: Does your small busines checking account look like the small business account of your closest competitor? Is it more focused on its transactional and deposit capabilities, and little else? 

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then you need to watch this thought leadership webinar. We’ll be taking a deep dive into product positioning, but from the perspective of solving problems.  

Here are the three big take-aways you’ll learn from attending: 

  • What are the three crucial components of our reimagined small business checking account 
  • How to position your new business account from the perspective of solving a customer’s needs or pain points 
  • How to organize and write a product page to best attract small business owners in search of something more than just small business checking 


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