Helping small businesses "Get Paid at a Distance"

04/23/20 / by Autobooks

Small businesses are struggling to get paid as face to face interactions are the exception and not the norm. Businesses and non-profits are having to reinvent their business models and adapt to the need to "Get Paid at a Distance."

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There's a tremendous opportunity to help small businesses by enabling them with business banking tools that do their "job" to help the small business owner in their moment of need.  This has been true before the recent pandemic, and is especially even more urgent today.  

In our April webinar, we will discuss the research around the concept of "Get Paid at a Distance", explore examples of how small businesses have been able to adapt, and how financial institutions can help small business owners continue to get paid.

Join this webinar and learn about:
  • The small business research that informed the Autobooks product team to build around the concept of "Get Paid at a Distance" well before the pandemic forced our hand.
  • See examples of how we leverage small business insights to deliver relevant and contextual marketing content at "just the right time."
  • Review small business stories of success, how many businesses have been able to adapt and continue to get paid.

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