What is embedded banking?

03/26/20 / by Autobooks

According to an Aite report on small business banking, financial institutions must evolve their strategies, product offerings, and mindset to better address the needs and challenges of today’s small-business customers.

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However, success is not solely about adding new functionality or improving the usability of offerings. Instead, it is about engaging customers in a more meaningful way and helping them more effectively achieve what matters most—growing their business and maintaining a healthy cash flow.   

In our March webinar, we discussed what it takes to become truly embedded into the day to day of a small business, and the market opportunity that it presents for financial institutions.  

Three Key Takeaways:
  • I keep hearing about “embedded” banking, what does that mean and how does it impact my financial institution short and long term? 
  • Learn how Autobooks enables financial institutions the ability to offer a product suite that becomes embedded into the day to day of lives of small businesses. 
  • Explore use cases and data points from live Autobooks financial institutions and small businesses that demonstrate embedded banking.    

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