August Monthly Webinar 2021 - SMB Banking in the New Digital Normal

08/26/21 / by Autobooks

How to position your SMB checking like a challenger, and win more small businesses in the process.

The digital revolution has arrived —placing new demands on small businesses and financial institutions:


  • For small businesses, it means that financial tools like electronic payment acceptance and cash flow management are now more crucial than ever for long-term success. SMBs are under pressure to find the right solution fast — and must choose from a crowded field of less-than-ideal alternatives.
  • For financial institutions, it means that business as usual will no longer cut it. FIs must place a greater focus on solving customer needs and pain points — starting now — if they are to continue to attract a new generation of small business owners.


Here are some of the big take-aways you’ll learn from watching:

  • What are the emerging non-bank and newly-banked alternatives to your financial institution
  • Why small business deposits and relationships are at immediate risk of deposit displacement at financial institutions
  • How Autobooks reverses non-consumption and fintech reliance, and over time helps to establish FI primacy
  • What the revenue opportunity is for your institution, based on some simple ROI calculations


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