Are small business deposits at risk?

06/26/20 / by Autobooks

Can you relate to this banker's quote? 

“I see the need and value for the small business, but part of my struggle is why the small business is of value to the bank.  Every bank has a business customer type they think is their "sweet spot" but we all bank SMB's cause they come in the branch, creating strain on our branch staff.  It's like we don't want to focus on them, but we don't invest in products that help them help themselves either and it's been killing me”

Watch here

Topics discussed in this webinar

  • Small business deposits and relationships are at immediate risk of deposit displacement at financial institutions. 
  • Non-bank competitors are stepping up and helping small businesses get paid online by their customers. 
  • See new features from Autobooks that help small business enroll online to start accepting payments directly into their existing checking account.  

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