April Monthly Webinar - Why Would an SMB Hire Your FI?

04/30/21 / by Autobooks

Your SMB customers strive to make progress every daybut it’s never easy. And it’s not always clear how your FI can help. Join us as we delve into the four major struggles (or Jobs to Be Done) of small business, and how they can help you better understand — and serve — your customers. 

At Autobooks, the Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) framework has become an invaluable tool. We apply it every day to better understand the goals, struggles, and emotions of small business owners. In our April webinar, we discussed some valuable insights we have gained — and how we apply them to continuously improve our product. 

Here are the four big take-aways you’ll learn from watching:  

  • Why it’s crucial to understand the needs of small businesses before you try to help them 
  • How we approach the Jobs to Be Done framework, and what we have learned from applying it 
  • What the four SMB Jobs to Be Done are, and how we uncovered them through extensive research 
  • What we have learned by regularly talking to small business owners, and how those lesson can help your FI

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