Autobooks Small Business Report 2020

11/10/20 / by Autobooks

Uncover the market analysis, small business insights, and practical recommendations needed so your financial institution can better serve and monetize small business relationships. Learn more about our report here.

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Small businesses need an upgraded banking experience. Your financial institution can provide that by transforming your existing online banking application.  In this report, you will learn how with these insights and recommendations: 

  • Market data that will impact your perception and definition of the small business market opportunity
  • The primary need of every small business owner
  • Why the competition for small business relationships is no longer limited to traditional financial institutions
  • What is a small business asking of your financial institution when it comes to making progress in their business
  • How your financial institution can launch a small business program that creates ROI, stands up against the new competition, and better serves small businesses in just 90 days


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