Autobooks Guide to ROI

11/2/21 / by Autobooks

Is your FI ready to bring a reliable and proven solution to market? 

Autobooks enables business owners to accept online and in-app payments plus the option to upgrade the solution to include accounting and reporting for an additional monthly fee.

By offering electronic payment acceptance as a foot in the door, a financial institution can lock in primacy with small- and micro businesses as users come to rely on their FI’s digital platform to manage a number of ongoing financial needs. This kind of steady usage leads to increased deposits and cross-sell opportunities, not to mention the added non-interest fee revenue streams (explained in our guide).

Autobooks comes with pre-built integrations to industry leading core, digital banking and merchant processing solutions, making it simple for financial institutions to transform existing digital banking channels to better serve and monetize small business relationships.

For a small business owner, Autobooks offers a clear value proposition. However, for a financial institution, there are additional factors to consider. At the top of the list for any decisionmaker is a return on investment (ROI). Simply put: will Autobooks generate enough of a profit to offset implementation costs? And over time, will it continue to perform and attract new relationships?

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