The critical role cash flow management plays in small business success

02/3/20 / by Autobooks

Learn the market insights your financial institution needs to solve small business cash flow challenges.  Stay ahead of the competition with this Aite report.  

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The Small Business Challenge

Less than half (47%) of U.S.-based small businesses believe their primary financial institution understands their needs. With 14% stating they will definitely switch banking institutions in the next two to three years. These are customers that spend the most, are tech-savvy, and are run by Millennials -- and they're the customers you should be fighting hardest to keep. 

This white paper:
  • Analyzes the need for financial institutions to provide the necessary tools that enable small businesses to operate more efficiently and make getting paid simpler.  
  • Highlights the types of tools and experience small businesses value and the importance of getting paid faster. 
  • Provides insights into customer expectations that will enable financial institutions to enjoy greater success with a customer segment that has been long underserved but that represents untapped revenue potential and opportunity. 


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