Help small businesses and nonprofits make better decisions, set short- and long-term goals, plan for tax season, and more — automated financial reporting makes it all possible with just a few clicks. 


All the reports a small business needs — all in one place.

Real-time financial reporting is vital to good decision-making. Autobooks ensures users have this information at their fingertips — like profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and more — inside the reports menu.  

  • Provides the insights needed to make better decisions 

  • Reports can be easily shared with key stakeholders 

  • A wide range of reports are available

  • Automatically updated 

  • Export to Excel with one click 


An updated bottom line helps users get to the bottom of things — fast.

Is the business making money or losing money? A profit and loss statement (also known as an income statement) is the fastest way to find out. The profit and loss statement includes updated revenue, expenses, and net income in one place. 

  • Filters by time period 
  • Includes revenue, expenses, and net income on one report 
  • Automatically updated 
  • Can be exported to Excel with one click

Helps them keep an eye on all of their balances.

Autobooks offers a wide range of balance-focused reports — so users can easily find out who owes them, how much they're owed, and their total balance. 

  • Includes a variety of reports, such as customer balances, vendor balances, and a company’s balance sheet 
  • Automatically updated 
  • Can be exported to Excel with one click 
Amanda Houghton

Journey Well Counseling

So with Autobooks being connected to my bank, I can go on my account. I can look in real time, what's being deposited. I can pull out my invoices in real time. I can pull out my spreadsheets and I can export them month by month, which has been extremely helpful. So it's just nice that everything is organized, and in one system. It makes business for me less of a headache and very easy to streamline my invoices every month.