Enable customers to enroll directly from online and mobile banking, and be approved to start accepting payments from their customers in minutes. 


From enrollment to getting paid in minutes.

All requests for payment acceptance are handled online — within your existing digital banking channels.

  • Most requests are approved in real time
  • Direct integration to the core and/or digital banking platform eliminates the need to collect most customer data
  • Once approved, a business or non-profit can immediately accept a payment
Amanda Houghton

Journey Well Counseling

With Autobooks being connected to my bank, I can go on my account. I can look in real time, what's being deposited. I can pull out my invoices in real time. I can pull out my spreadsheets and I can export them month by month, which has been extremely helpful. So it's just nice that everything is organized, and in one system. It makes business for me less of a headache and very easy to streamline my invoices every month.

A step-by-step tour to facilitate the customer's first payment request.

Our research has found that businesses are more likely to receive a payment when they are guided through the process of making a payment request at time of initial enrollment.

  • The guided tour helps a customer build their first invoice, or share their payment form link to make a payment request
  • Before sending the request, the customer has a chance to review — including what their end customer will see when they receive the request
  • After sending, the customer receives confirmation that the payment request has been made and is then redirected back to further explore the product and its features

Compliance that doesn't sacrifice convenience.   

The Autobooks platform automates secure collection, storage, and usage of customer data for onboarding and payment processing — ensuring your financial institution is compliant.

  • Enrollment starts with the acceptance of terms and conditions
  • Customer verification and underwriting is completely automated
  • Autobooks takes on all liability and risk of the payments processed through the platform
  • Customer data is stored according to SOC 1 Type 1 and Soc 2 Type 2 data processes
  • Autobooks is a PCI compliant service provider