Help Small Businesses Get Paid Online

Without Get Paid w/ Autobooks:  Small businesses and non-profits are having to shift from accepting payments in person to online.  When they call into your financial institution and ask:  "I have customers that want to pay me online, can you help?"  Your team either doesn't have a good answer, or recommends a non-bank provider.  

With Get Paid w/ Autobooks:  You can recommend they:  "Get Paid with Autobooks."  Helping them upgrade their business checking account now, and better positioning your financial institution to do the same later.  


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A simple way for small business to Get Paid online powered by a provider that wants to partner with financial institutions, not compete with them

No contract required.  Simply recommend  Get Paid w/ Autobooks to your small businesses and non-profits.  We've built a Partner Toolkit to help.  
A small business can enroll in minutes.  When they receive a payment it will be deposited directly into their existing account with your financial institution.
Avoid having to recommend a service from a non-bank provider that wants to compete with you.  Autobooks partners with financial institutions across the country.  Get Paid w/ Autobooks is our response to offer support for small businesses now, while maintaining our commitment to partner with financial institutions later. 


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Small businesses need cash flow solutions from their financial institution partners

Maintaining cash flow is critical to the survival of a small business.  The average small business has 27 days of cash reserves. Small businesses are the backbone of their local economies and rely upon financial institutions for critical deposit, payment, and receivable services to help them better manage their business.  

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When COVID-19 hit, we knew that in-person and in-school services would need to be suspended as the community started practicing social distancing.   We learned our bank offered a simple way to send invoices to our clients and accept online payments. 

With Autobooks it’s really simple and easy to use. Now, I’m able to easily send an invoice or a payment link to our customers and I can log in to my account and know that the money will be there in 2 business days.

When we could no longer accept payments in person we decided to shift our efforts to Facebook.  We post photos of furniture for sale along with a price.  When a customer wants to purchase a piece, we simply send a payment form link so the customers can easily pay online.

We found that using multiple channels to accept donations was becoming labor intensive and made it difficult to keep track of everything. Our bank told us about a new product where I could export reports and customers lists from one platform and track who has been donating.”

I’ve been in business for over ten years, I still have customers that try to offer me less if they pay in cash. My bank mentioned a new service as part of online banking that would allow me to send electronic invoices and collect customer payments by card directly from my business checking account.  I no longer have to track down customers and negotiate cash payments.  

I have a few long-term renters who usually pay by check. Because of COVID-19, it hasn’t been ideal for them to drop off a check. My bank offers a new way that I can easily accept payments online directly into my bank account.  

We partner with financial institutions, not compete with them

A small business can enroll directly into Get Paid w/ Autobooks but the deposit, credit, and lending relationship stays with the financial institution.  When they receive a payment from a customer, it gets deposited directly into their existing checking account. 

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Take action now and offer a more integrated experience later

Online payment acceptance was on the rise prior to COVID-19, but is now critical for the survival of a small business.  Autobooks can provide a solution for a business today and offer an integrated experience with the financial institution later.  

We make it simple to educate your staff and your small businesses

We work with financial institutions every day and know first hand what is required to effectively train your staff and educate your small businesses. 

Our Partner Toolkit pulls directly from our recent learnings and offers a comprehensive, yet simple approach to partnership. 

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