Partner Resources

Autobooks has partnered with FIS to make integrated invoicing and online payment acceptance free features of the FIS Digital One Business and Digital One Flex platforms.

Get Started On-Demand Webinars

step 1

Prepare to Go Live

Start here by learning the ins-and-outs of the Autobooks dashboard and its various features. Also, you’ll want to set your program up for success with an Autobooks Hub account.

Invoicing with Autobooks
Payment Form with Autobooks
Accounting & Reporting
with Autobooks
Autobooks Hub
step 2

Configure & Test

Your Autobooks program is almost ready to go live — refer to the resources here to ensure a smooth launch.

step 3

Announce Your Launch

Drive Autobooks feature awareness, engagement, and activation with your small business audience. Make it easy with these ready-made marketing materials.

step 4

Manage Your Program

Once your Autobooks program is up and running, you have the opportunity to monitor progress and optimize it for broader engagement and adoption.


Go deeper and learn from your peers. These on-demand webinars and case studies will help to answer questions.