Autobooks Processing Fees 

Understanding what your business pays in processing fees. 

When you accept an online payment through Autobooks, there is a processing fee included.

We make every effort to keep these fees competitive and easy to understand. Merchants only pay one simple fee when accepting payments (as described below). These fees are never hidden, and are comparable to other service providers that offer online invoicing, card-not-present, and tap to pay payment processing. 

Autobooks rates and fees by payment type

The below processing fees are for businesses in the United States: 
Last updated: 15, March 2023 

Card-Not-Present Payment

When you manually key in your customer’s card details or when a customer makes a payment online by entering their own payment details. 

Time of Deposit: 1-2 business days


Processing Fee*

ACH or Electronic Check Payment

When your customer opts to pay through a bank transfer or via electronic check. 

Time of Deposit: 1-2 business days


Processing Fee*

Tap to Pay on iPhone

When your customer opts to pay contactless through your mobile banking app.

Time of Deposit: Next business day


Processing Fee*


Real-Time Deposit Fee

With this option, customer payments typically land into a checking account minutes after a customer makes an online payment.

Time of Deposit: Same Day


Processing Fee**

*This is a typical rate, but may vary based on the partnering financial institution. Please contact your bank or credit union to learn more.
**This fee is applied in addition to the standard processing fee when using the optional Autobooks Instant Payment Mode.

Answers about Autobooks payments fees


Why are online payments typically better than cash or check?

Making payments online is usually more convenient and more secure for your paying customers. In addition, funds are deposited directly into your checking account within 1-2 business days for card and ACH, and the same day for optional real-time deposits. With Autobooks inside your online and mobile banking, you can easily track payments and invoicesproviding you a quick overview of your cash flow.

Why is there a fee on transactions I make through Autobooks?

Processing fees are an industry-wide standard when accepting online payments, and are taken out of each payment that is processed before being deposited into your account. As a payment processor, Autobooks offers some of the most competitive rates on the market, with processing fees as low as 3.49%* for card payments and 1%* for ACH payments.

*This is a typical rate, but may vary based on the partnering financial institution. Please contact your bank or credit union to learn more. 

Are there any other fees I don’t know about?

Only one fee is applied, unless you decide to activate the optional real-time deposit feature. There are no additional processing fees when accepting online payments from customers. 

I still have questions. Can I just talk to someone before I use Autobooks?

Absolutely! Our small business experts are here to help answer any questions and guide you every step of the way. Contact us at or by phone at (866) 617-3122.