The essential product suite for today's small business

Small businesses have a lot of choices when it comes to managing their finances. Most small businesses continue to use manual, or less automated solutions, and those that don't are turning to non-bank providers to satisfy their requirements. Autobooks better enables financial institutions to provide the products and services a small business needs today to manage and grow their business.

Our solution brings functionality and capabilities down market to small businesses that are often under-served by financial institutions. Because Autobooks is offered directly through existing banking channels, it positions financial institutions to compete against non-bank providers, deepens banking relationships, and better equips small businesses in a digital first marketplace.

The Benefits of Launching Autobooks


Provide your small businesses a trusted, online source to better manage and grow their business.

  • Enhance their brand by offering a professional and easy to use invoice experience
  • Accelerate their cash flow by enabling more payment choices quickly and efficiently
  • Save them time by automating their accounting
  • Give them confidence by offering them a trusted source to run their business online

Offer a competitive product that attracts small businesses to your financial institution.

  • Strengthen your small business relationships
  • Offer a comprehensive solution that competes with non-bank providers
  • Provide a central point of focus through seamless integration into existing banking channels
  • Create a foundation to build from for future products and services