2021 Agenda

Two half-days of virtual learning, with plenty of time for Q&As and discussion. 

All of the 2021 session recordings are available and ready for download. Check them out on the resources page.


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Day 1



“Banks tend to underestimate the threat of new entrants. It’s easy to point the finger at risk, compliance, and regulatory hurdles and how those elements will hamstring new entrants. Banks focus on all of the reasons why new entrants won’t have an impact on business and none of the reasons why they will.” 

– Jason Henrichs 

Small business is in a state of transition — as a result, small business banking is being redefined. What can your FI do to seize this emerging opportunity.

What you'll learn: 
  • How emerging consumer buying patterns are reshaping small business 
  • How fintech challengers are capitalizing on this transition 
  • What your FI can learn from digital-first competitors 


“Small businesses spend more than $500 billion on accounting/bookkeeping, invoicing, bill payment and payment acceptance services from third-party providers. Many of these small businesses would consider obtaining accounting and payments services from a bank” 

– Ron Shevlin 

Small business owners need more from their FI. What should you offer to help SMBs and stand out from incumbent and digital-first competition.

What you'll learn: 
  • How to attract small businesses and grow relationships 
  • Why it’s crucial to understand the jobs of small businesses before you try to help them 
  • How to identify and leverage your built-in competitive advantages 

Day 2



It's likely that some of your SMB customers are feeling overworked and under-supported. Out of the 31.7M small businesses, 47% don’t feel their FI understands their needs. 

– Small Business Insights, Autobooks 

Attracting new relationships is only part of the battle. Once SMBs enroll, how do you activate the relationship to ensure long-term engagement and primacy.

What you'll learn: 
  • Why small businesses need banking tools built around their needs 
  • How to find the right fintech partner to leverage existing digital infrastructures 
  • How to create additional revenue streams and increase deposits 


“Today, step change is manifesting in banks partnering to deliver embedded finance in the form of workflow digitization and data analytics. Banks seizing this opportunity will outperform the platform giants if they are able to provide an integrated experience that balances high tech and high touch.” 

– Alenka Grealish, Celent 

Small business relationships have been historically underserved. What strategies can your FI put into place to ensure mutually beneficial SMB partnerships.

What you'll learn: 
  • How to consistently drive product awareness and SMB adoption 
  • How to support the needs of SMB owners without overburdening your resources 
  • How to reclaim displaced deposits and establish primacy over the long haul