May Monthly Webinar 2021 - Small Business Checking, Reimagined

05/28/21 / by Autobooks

Are you ready to change the way you think about, talk about, and promote your business checking account?

It happens every day. Small business owners come to your website or visit your branch with a specific goal in mind. They want to know if the small business account at your institution is the right account — the one that is going to help them make progress against the challenging situation they are in.

Watch Bob Moesta, one of the principal architects of the Jobs to be Done theory and founder of The Re-Wired Group, and Derik Sutton, industry veteran and VP of Marketing at Autobooks, as they delve into the mindset of the small business owner, and how your FI can leverage this knowledge to better position your products and services.

Here are the three big take-aways you’ll learn from watching:
  • Why you should take a customer-centric approach any time you sell a product or service
  • How to design and write a product page from the perspective of solving a customer’s needs or pain points
  • How to position your small business checking page to appeal to a small business owner, without having to resort to a salesy list of features

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