Navigating 2021 Budget Season

10/5/20 / by Autobooks

In this episode, Derik asked Kyle Bazzy – Head of Enterprise Growth at Autobooks to join him for a conversation about 2021 budgeting.  Kyle meets with small business champions within financial institutions every day, and offers up great insight on how many of them are navigating the 2021 budget season.  

During the conversation, three themes emerged:  

  • Budgeting for small businesses is changing from we have to do it, to we need to better monetize this market segment.
  • Small business banking is becoming cross-departmental
  • There is new, emerging competition is making digital enablement for small businesses table stakes

If you are in budgeting season and would like more information about small business banking, we have developed resources to help you Build Your Small Business Case. You can find them here.

If you would like to meet with our team and learn more, click here to schedule time.



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