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A Conversation with Jason Henrichs

In this episode, Derik talks with Jason Henrichs.  Jason is CEO at Alloy Labs Alliance and Founder/Managing Director of Fintech Forge.

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A Conversation with Corey LeBlanc

In this episode, Derik talks with Corey LeBlanc.  Core is the Chief Digital & Innovation Officer at Origin Bank and is leading their digital transformation strategy. They cover a lot of topics, including:

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The Job of "Getting Paid at a distance"

In this episode we discuss the recent impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the small businesses we serve, and how our product principles created long before the pandemic have been able to holdup at a time when businesses are being forced to "Get paid at a distance.” Listen here

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The Moment of Need for Small Businesses

In this podcast, Derik interviews Lee Wetherington. Lee is the Director of Strategic Insights for Jack Henry. In that role he helps connect the dots between analyst reports, the day to day needs of financial institutions, and the technology teams that are building and delivering solutions Listen here 

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What causes people to "Switch" from one product to another

Derik and Chris talk about how ten interviews with small business owners gave them a deep understanding of what each customer was struggling with, and how they took that insight and launched a successful new feature in Autobooks in just twenty days. Listen here 

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Customer conversations that drive product strategy

Welcome to Small Business Obsessed - a podcast by Autobooks about small business and fintech product strategy. In this episode you'll hear about a woman named Lisa and the real story about how starting her small business drove her to shop around and ultimately switch financial institutions. Listen here

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