A Deep Dive Into the "Jobs" of Small Business Banking

08/18/20 / by Autobooks

In this episode, Derik and Chris go deep on the Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) in small business banking. Joining the conversation is Ryan Garner, Principal Customer and Product Lead at 11:FS. He and his team released an in-depth report on small business banking, centered on the JTBD framework, that is cited throughout the episode. 

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In addition to the 11:FS report, the Autobooks team has started a project to better help financial institutions “Build their business case for small business banking.”

Visit www.autobooks.co/businesscase to learn more and get started.  

Episode outline:

Why should banks focus in on the small business market 

  • The overall market size 
  • SMBs are stuck between consumer and commercial banking
  • FIs are under attack from non-bank competitors
  • The need for truly digital services
  • There will be winners and losers

Reports and insights

The JTBD of an SMB

Defining a 90 day plan of action to improve small business banking

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