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Return on investment

Is your financial institution focused on increasing non-interest fee income or growing deposits?

When a small business uses Autobooks, they opt into a monthly fee and agree to pay interchange fees on processed transactions.  A portion of the revenue is shared back with the financial institution.  

Offering online payment acceptance capabilities is critical to maintain small business deposits and relationships. 

Small businesses are willing to pay for products for which they receive value.  

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Revenue Share

Become an Ecommerce Platform

The competition for small business relationships has never been more fierce.  Non-bank providers are effectively displacing small business deposits by focusing on payment acceptance.

Autobooks transforms your financial institution into an Ecommerce platform. The business owner becomes dependent upon the financial institution to manage cash flow, automate accounting and more.  

Take back control of small business receivables and become critical to their day-to-day operations.  

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Better equip SMBs and your financial institution

You know small businesses are stuck between consumer and commercial banking functionality, but you've never found the right solutions.  

You also know your team is stretched thin, and you'll need support if you take on a new project.  

Autobooks has you covered at every turn when it comes to supporting the needs of your small businesses, and your financial institution.  

Prioritize a project that benefits both your clients and you.  
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