Download our Partner Toolkit

The toolkit includes easy to copy, paste and share content you can use for your team and small business training, education and marketing.    


Get Paid with Autobooks Template Emails
Get Paid with Autobooks Website Copy
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We have go to market and training experience

We work with financial institutions every day to provide training and education materials to make it easy to understand when Autobooks may be a good fit for a small business or non-profit.  We also provide best in class marketing services for our financial institutions to help them more effectively drive engagement, adoption, and utilization of Autobooks. 

In response to the pandemic our team built a Partner Toolkit to help further remove the operations, training, and marketing burden from financial institutions. 


The toolkit is simple, yet comprehensive

The Partner Toolkit removes the need to know what to say, how to say it, or when to say it.  That goes for training your team or marketing to your small businesses. 


When you use the Partner Toolkit, it’s easy to

Train your team

All training is provided by Autobooks, all you have to do is invite your appropriate teams to one of our regularly scheduled 30 minute webinars.  We’ve already written the email for you.  Just copy, paste, and send.  

Educate your small businesses

We have hired some of the best copywriters and digital marketers in the country to help us write emails that make sense to a small business.  Simply copy from our pre-written email templates and send directly to your small businesses. 

We offer recurring educational webinars for small business owners as well.  Like our financial institution webinars, we’ve already written the email for you.  Just copy, paste, and send. 

Share on your digital marketing channels

In addition to email communications, many small businesses will be looking for information from you on your website and on social channels.  We would encourage you to link to on each of these channels.  Included in the toolkit is sample copy you can use when sharing the link.