Get paid, manage cash flow, and more —

Directly through your trusted banking partner.

Autobooks partners with banks and credit unions to offer invoicing, payment acceptance, accounting, and more — all inside online and mobile banking.

Accept payments or donations. Online, in‑app, or over the phone.

Accept a payment

Payment Acceptance

A simple way to collect  payments through your checking account.

Send a digital invoice, or share a secure payment link to collect customer payments. When you get paid, the payments land right into your checking account.  

  • Never lose track of your money on a third party app. 
  • Get paid directly into your secure bank account.  
  • Respond to customer requests to pay online with a card or bank transfer.   

Digital Invoices

Send an invoice and get paid immediately.

Customers love how simple it is to pay. Whether you’re invoicing businesses or consumers, you’ll shorten the time it takes to get paid by empowering them with fast ways to pay.

  • Send invoices or estimates from online or mobile banking
  • Make it easy for customers to pay immediately — by card or ACH
  • Funds are deposited into your checking account
Payment Form Link

Payment Form

Get paid by sharing a secure link to your own unique payment form.

After you enroll, you’re assigned a unique URL to your Autobooks Payment Form. Share this link with customers in a number of ways, including by text (SMS), email, online marketing materials, and more.

  • Ideal for businesses and nonprofits
  • Makes it easy to collect payment or donations, in-person or online
  • Text or email the secure link to a customer
  • Embed the payment form link into any e-commerce web page
Banking Integration

Banking Partner

Get paid through an app that your bank trusts.

Autobooks partners with banks and credit unions so that getting paid can be part of your banking.

  • Directly access inside online or mobile banking
  • Eliminate the need for multiple apps — get paid and manage your bank in one app
  • No need to track funds (or forget them) in a third-party wallet
  • Receive support through your banking relationship when needed

Manage your business or non‑profit.


Accounting & Bookkeeping

Real-world accounting tools designed for small business owners. 

Keep track of your business directly inside of online banking. Stop having to rely on pen and paper, spreadsheets, or complicated third-party software built for accountants.

  • Easy-to-use accounting solution built specifically for the needs of small businesses
  • Essential, real world functionality for non-accountants
  • Affordable solution available as part of online and mobile banking
Financial Reports

Financial Reporting

Automated reporting to keep your financial records up-to-date.

Let your bank account work for you. When you get paid or pay a bill, let the system update your business reports automatically.

  • Profit and loss reporting that tracks your income and expenses
  • Gain access to a balance sheet without having to go to a third-party application, or request from your accountant
  • Track your customer payments to keep tabs on who owes you money
Cash Flow

Manage Cash Flow

Track incoming, coming due and past due customer payments — and more.   

Keeps tabs on your bank accounts, incoming customer payments and outgoing vendor payments — all on one screen.

  • See a snap shot of incoming, coming due, and past due customer payments
  • Includes vendor payment information, such as scheduled payments, coming due, and past due vendor payments
  • Track your bank account balance right alongside your incoming and outgoing payment information

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