Our team has a successful history within financial technology making payments and banking easier to use and understand. Our home office is located in downtown Detroit, Michigan. Along with our home office we have a growing presence in Austin, Texas as well as a remote distributed workforce.

About Us

We help financial institutions unlock their small business potential.

Similar to how Checkfree made it easy for expense management moving money OUT of the bank to pay bills, Autobooks’ integrated receivables and accounting platform helps businesses increase cash-flow, while bringing money INTO financial institutions.


We built the first fully-integrated payments AND accounting platform for business, delivered through internet banking for: Millienials, gig-economy workers, micro-businesses, lifestyle-businesses and other small & medium businesses (<$10MM in sales.)


We believe small business owners trust their financial institution the most, but are stuck using products designed for consumers and retail customers – forcing them to use NON-BANK alternatives. They are frustrated by going to multiple sites to manage their business yet they are willing to pay for online services if there is clear value, and majority do today with existing providers (including lower-end of market.) Businesses desire digital and require mobile to be the primary medium in which they manage their business. Enter Autobooks.


We provide an integrated suite of services, tailored to the unique needs of small businesses. We bundle receivables, payables, payments AND accounting into a single platform, designed it for a novice, and white label it for financial institutions. That is, we help provide an on-ramp for businesses to get valuable back-office services from a provider they already know and trust – you. Whether they are opening their first business account or growing sales and headcount – Autobooks is there to help them, every step of the way.


Together, we can provide a one-stop-shop for small business owners and their staff, to get business done. Our certified, core-agnostic solution seamlessly integrates with a bank or credit union’s existing providers, delivering the service via single-sign-on within internet banking; leveraging the brand, trust, and relationship you have built with your customers. Moreover, we help pave the way for the next generation of users with modern, contextual and personalized user experiences – helping drive adoption, usage and subscriber growth!


Your business customers can now send an electronic invoice from within internet banking, quickly and easily get paid by credit card, ACH or LOCKBOX – without setting up an ecommerce website, shopping cart or knowing what a merchant account, gateway or MCC code is. As money moves into (or out of) their account, accounting entries are completed immediately and automatically in real-time. No late night or month-end reconciliations, no out-of-balance ledgers, no chart-of-account jargon – just the essentials of what they need, and nothing more.


Why Autobooks?


Experience. Our team has been delivering financial technology (fintech) solutions, supporting millions of users, processing billions in transactions, for over 20 years. We’ve worked with hundreds of financial institutions to deliver internet banking, treasury, payments and accounting services.


Our experience working with financial institutions allows us to successfully navigate complex security and regulatory requirements. We have a proven vendor risk management program that has been approved by financial organizations small and large, and we have active working relationships with all the major Core Providers.


Together, we can help financial institutions re-establish their rightful place at the center of their customers financial lives.